The great panorama you experience here…

will be your " standard" in the future...


Public baths, a restaurant, all rooms ocean view

" Blue Ocean, horizon line...", here we are the Hotel Shiroi Todai, where every guest room faces Hiwasaura, Pacific Ocean.
 You would taste, at The open-air bath called " Ebisu-do Onsen", a hot spring, a view of hot water has a sense of unity that mostly melts into the sea like the surface of it overlapping the horizon
 You would feel the warmth by the hot spring and the beauty of the setting sun; will make your mind lead into deeper peacefulness and make your body much moisture..
 You would enjoy the cuisine prepared in the sea area, here, such as " Seafood Kaiseki"; the main capture seafood and " abalone plate" which is proudly presented as Tokushima's dish.

 We will serve cold ones in cool, warm are in warmly to be enjoyed  our cuisine by you, and by your families and group members. 

    We will also recommend  " Awa Beef Stake" as local delicious food. We hope you relax and enjoy your stay with us. 

    We will also recommend the night of silence with small lights of ship go and by, find the waves of the pacific ocean lighted by moon light... We also hope you would feel the flow of time of eternity, and  relax and sleep well...

○○○○  a general manager for Shiroi Todai

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